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Personally and professionally, this time of year is always a little bonkers for me and I’ll admit that in these hectic scenarios, I don’t always do a stellar job of making sure my body is getting everything it needs. So when I heard about Vessel Health’s home testing kit, I was very intrigued. With the holiday season coming up, I think it’s so important for all of us to get ahead of the stress and poor health habits that can come along with it. We tend to sleep less, move our bodies less and eat + drink more. Add in the joys of holiday travel and it’s a recipe for running ourselves down, and quickly.

The Vessel Health testing kit is like having a mini lab in your pocket – one small test card can help you have a better pulse on your overall wellness and highlight specific areas you need to focus on improving… with results in less than five minutes! And the process couldn’t be easier.

The Vessel Health test kit is like having a mini lab in your pocket.

Vessel Health kits are subscription based, so you can decide how often you’d like to test yourself (once a week, once a month, etc.) and have test cards auto-delivered to your home. I will be testing myself once a month so I have ample time to really address the areas where I need to make nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Once you have your testing kit, you’ll need to download the free Vessel Home Wellness Tracker app on your smartphone. This app is your home base for scanning test cards, getting your results and setting reminders for future actions that can help you improve any problem areas. 

To take the test, you’ll need to provide a urine sample. You can either pee in a cup and dip your test card into it (recommended), or pee directly on the card. In the app, there is a timer to ensure you’ve allowed enough time for your sample to provide actionable results. 

This is the Vessel Health test card. Your urine sample will be provided on the bottom portion (black background). Using the app, you'll scan the entire card and receive your results instantly.

After three and a half minutes, you’ll use the app to scan your test card and instantly receive your results. Vessel gives you a score up to 100 and breaks down a myriad of wellness factors such as cortisol levels (i.e. the hormone your body produces when under stress), pH, hydration, magnesium and more. If you have a wellness factor that is too low or too high, you can tap through to see helpful suggestions for improvement from Vessel’s team.

My Vessel Health Wellness Score from my first test was a 73/100.

For example, when I took my first test, my cortisol levels were too high. This didn’t come as a surprise to me, as my work life was particularly stressful at the time. I’m also in the home stretch of training for a half marathon and vigorous activity (like running long distances regularly) can cause cortisol levels to spike. One of Vessel’s suggestions included making time in my daily schedule to work in a meditation session. I’ve been doing this in the morning when I wake up and am definitely feeling calmer than I have in weeks past. 

My cortisol levels were too high, likely due to stress from work and regular, strenuous exercise (I'm training for a half marathon).

I also learned in my initial test that my magnesium levels were too low, which would need to be addressed with nutritional changes. Magnesium is important, particularly in women, because it helps maintain healthy bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Through my Vessel Health test kit results, I learned that it’s recommended for women over 31 (hi, that’s me) to take a magnesium supplement daily. I can also incorporate more magnesium-rich foods into my diet like black beans, almonds and edamame. And this part is really cool… If I ever have questions or need recommendations, Vessel has a handy chat feature built into the app, where I can live chat with a nutritionist.

My magnesium levels were too low. Magnesium is important, for women in particular, for maintaining strong bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

I’m excited to keep checking in and see how my levels change based on the recommended actions I’m taking! If you’re also in pursuit of better wellness, I cannot recommend the Vessel Health test kit enough. It’s so important to listen to your body and make changes that will help you live your very best life. Whether you’re interested in purchasing test kits for yourself or for a loved one (this would make a fantastic holiday gift!), head to Vessel Health and use code ERINBGABRIEL20 to save 20% off your order. 

Cheers to Wellness!


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