Vitamins + Supplements I Take and Love

Happy April! I don’t really like setting resolutions for a new year… instead, I prefer to set attainable and productive goals that will help me grow and thrive. One of those goals in 2021 was to take better care of myself from the inside out. Being more mindful of what I eat, moving my body at least once a day, having more of an awareness of my mental health and setting healthy boundaries both personally and professionally.

To fill in any gaps, I take a few different daily vitamins and supplements that help me feel and look my best… I wanted to share those with you today in case you’re in the market.

Rae Wellness

I’ve been taking Rae supplements for a few months now and love them. My favorites are the Women’s Multivitamin, Destress and In the Mood… but they have everything from prenatal vitamins to gut health and immunity support. Target recently started carrying the line and right now they’re offering buy one, get one 30% off. I’ll be stocking up on my favorites and trying out some newbies like the Beauty Drops and Daily Cleanse.

HUM Nutrition

Another amazing wellness brand! I have partnered with HUM a few times this year to help promote the Calm Sweet Calm gummies (which are made with Ashwaghanda for stress/anxiety management and SO yummy) and their new Core Strength protein powder. I’ve loved using the protein powder to make yummy smoothies – it’s plant-based, easy to digest and also delicious. Right now, you can save 15% if you buy three items and you’ll get free shipping on any order over $50. Here are a few other products I want to try:

Mug is from Apple & Oak in Nashville!

Vital Proteins Collagen

I’ve been adding this unflavored collagen powder by Vital Proteins to my coffee every morning for skin, hair, nails and joint health. It took a week or two, but I can definitely see a difference. My skin feels firmer, nails are stronger and my hair looks much healthier. It took me awhile to embrace the hype… don’t be like me. Try it out!

So tell me, how are you taking better care of yourself these days? It’s truly so important. Let me know if there are any vitamins or supplements you can’t live without in the comments. As always, I thank you for being here! xo



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