DIY Paint Splatter Jeans

Y’all know I love a good DIY project. Most of them are home decor-focused and involve paint (see: these candlesticks and this wall arch), but I recently decided to carry that over into my other great love: fashion.

Paint splatter pants are nothing new… but I’ve noticed a resurgence of them on some of my favorite retail sites lately, which encouraged me to create my own! Let’s start by showing you some of the styles that gave me inspiration for this project:

From left to right: Anthropologie ($345), Gap ($24.99), Ralph Lauren ($198)

Fun, right? I decided to use thrifted denim – I found a pair of white, straight leg jeans by Ralph Lauren at Goodwill for $7.99. In terms of paint, I just used a few colors that I already had on hand. I wanted mostly neutral color splatters with a pop of one bright color. For that, I used the terra cotta paint I used to paint a wall arch in our mudroom. I don’t necessarily think it matters, but wanted to mention that they were all acrylic paints. I also want to note how surprisingly cathartic it is to fling paint at a pair of denim… 10/10 recommend for creative stress relief. To achieve different shapes and textures, I also used Q-tips and even my fingertips.

In my mind, a good DIY project is one that offers a lot of creative liberty and is *really* hard to mess up. If you do attempt this with a pair of denim you have lying around or that you find secondhand, I hope you discover the same peace I did… you’re creating something that is one-of-a-kind and uniquely you! Please do let me know if you give this a try and as always, many thanks for being here.



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