Must-Haves for Pups & Their Parents

It’s no secret that Barb is the queen of this castle. Over the past 3+ years, we’ve discovered some really amazing products that help make ALL of our lives easier and more fun. I felt inclined to share for all my dog moms & dads, both current or future (in case you’re planning to get a puppy anytime soon!) – keep scrolling for links.

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Barb’s favorite backyard activity is playing fetch. Any time we say the b-word (ball), those chonky ears perk right up and she runs to the back door. Given her smaller size, we like this brand of ball because it’s easier for her to grab and hold onto. The launcher is a game changer – keeps your hands from getting covered in mud, grass and dog drool.

If your dog sheds at all, you absolutely need this Amazon item in your life. Throw them in the washer and dryer and they suck any dog (and I’m assuming cat) hair out of your clothes, linens, etc. The first time I did a load a laundry with these, I was SHOOK by the amount of Corgi hair that had been pulled into the lint trap!

The Foggy Dog is a brand that is near and dear to our hearts. I’ve shared my love of them before, and I have actually had the pleasure of getting to know the owner over the years. They make beautiful and high-quality products for your pup – everything from poop bag carriers, to leashes and collars. And speaking of collars, we also love this personalized version from Orvis.

We typically take Barb to the groomer a couple of times a year – mostly at seasonal changes when her shedding is kicked into high gear. For in-between visits, we use this dog shampoo because it’s made with natural ingredients and is gentle on her skin.

I always recommend Kong toys because they’re durable and come in all shapes and sizes. Barb also really loves chewing on this brand of antler, which was actually a God-send during the past few weeks when she needed to lay low and heal – kept her busy and it doesn’t make a mess, which is always a plus!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Barb sheds… a LOT. We initially invested in a Furminator brush because it came so highly recommended. And I say “invested,” because they’re pretty pricey. It got misplaced during one of our moves, so I snagged this $16 brush on Amazon and honestly… it works way better!

We love this dog bed because it’s easy to take apart and can be machine washed/dried. Barb loves it because it’s very plush and comfy. It comes in multiple sizes/colors and is very affordable. When she isn’t lounging there, we can typically find her in this cute teepee. It’s definitely for smaller dogs (or even a kitty), and is also easy to keep clean. Plus, how cute is it to see a Corgi in a teepee?!

And finally… Barb and I are headed on a little road trip to South Carolina later this week. These collapsible bowls are so great for traveling with your pup, and they’re dishwasher friendly.

I hope this list is helpful, and I’d love to hear if there are any items you swear by for your pups! Let me know in the comments and as always, many thanks for being here. xo



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