Trendy Outerwear (You Should Be Buying Secondhand)

One of my favorite parts of shopping at secondhand spots like thrift stores or antique shops is finding pieces that emulate current trends. It’s a really fun challenge and is much kinder to the environment than other fast fashion options. Today, I’m sharing three trendy pieces of outerwear that I own and love – one from a thrift store, one from an antique store and one from a vintage clothing shop.

Boxy Checked Blazer

I am really digging the oversize checked blazer trend. I always see great options secondhand – this one was a Goodwill find and the colors and quality are what immediately caught my eye. I get some Annie Hall vibes… or maybe even a Sally Albright moment? Either way, highly recommend a pattern party if you’re styling up one of these blazers – I paired mine with an 80s paisley blouse (complete with shoulder pads and also from GW).

Other: jeans | earrings

The Quilted Patchwork Jacket

I wish I was exaggerating when I say that I’ve seen similar styles of this outerwear trend listed for over $500. I found this one at an antique store in Nashville that has since closed (RIP, 8th Avenue Antiques) for $20. I frequently see them at vintage shops and even some up-cycled options on Etsy! There are no garment tags, so I’m not ruling out the possibility that someone made it themselves. It’s also reversible, so I basically got two cute jackets for *way less than* the price of a new one.

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The Shacket

It’s a shirt. It’s a jacket. It’s a SHACKET. If I’m being honest, I had to giggle when this trend showed up, and it was fairly alarming to see how many clothing retailers immediately cranked them in out in various color schemes. To each their own… but to me, vintage is best. On a random weekend trip to Anaconda Vintage in Nashville, I found this beauty on the $5 rack outside. You read that right. I’m thinking it’s likely from the 70s (how good is this pattern?), but in fantastic shape. I haven’t worn it as a shirt yet, but I’m excited to give that a go next!

Other: beanie | leggings | combat boots

What are your thoughts on these tends? Do you own any of them, new or secondhand? I’d love to know – drop me a line in the comments and head over to my Instagram for a fun Reel where you can see them all in action! As always, I so appreciate you being here.



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