Secondhand Holiday Wardrobe

It’s the most festive two weeks of the year, and even though we’ll be spending it at home this year, I’m still planning to dress up here and there and get in the holiday spirit. I love bringing out some of my more unique statement items, all of which I see regularly when shopping secondhand. If you have some down time this week, consider stopping by your local thrift, vintage or antique shops to find new (to you) pieces that will bring some cheer to your day-to-day. Bonus points: depending on where you go, you’ll likely be supporting small business too!

I have a small collection of vintage tartan plaid button-ups that I’ve acquired over the years and love wearing this time of year. They’re great for tucking into skirts or high-waist jeans, or for layering under sweaters and blazers.

Vintage jewelry just hits different. I have some really fantastic necklaces and earrings that I love to rock during the holiday season, like this pair of clip-ons that my mom got me as a college graduation gift. They always make me happy when I see/wear them!

Thrift stores are a gold mine when it comes to vintage pieces that sparkle & shine. No doubt you’ll find something perfect for a chill New Year’s Eve at home. I like to tuck my 80’s-era sweaters into my Ribcage jeans and add some sassy booties.

What about you? Any fun secondhand or vintage pieces that you love to bring out for the holidays (or anytime, really)? One piece that I don’t currently own but am always on the hunt for is a really good vintage fur stole. Talk about glam. Happy holiday dressing!



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