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I am so excited to share this post with you today. Blame boredom or maybe a surge of creative energy… but I recently got a wild hair and decided to attempt a fun paint project in our mudroom. I had seen quite a few painted arches popping up on some of the home decor and DIY Instagram accounts that I follow. I love how it looks and am already a huge believer in the power of paint when it comes to updating a space (check out the before and after photos of our dining room, if you don’t believe me). But it was this article from Apartment Therapy that convinced me to go for it, and I’m SO glad because I am in love with how it turned out!

Let me start by showing you what the space looked like when we moved in…

Keep in mind that our house is 90 years old and closet space is limited. The previous folks who lived here installed the wire shelving so they could utilize this room as a makeshift closet. While I completely respect the creativity and resourcefulness, this area serves our family much better as a mudroom where we can kick off our shoes, hang up the car keys and store Barb’s leash and harness for easy access. Plus, you’ll notice in the second photo that we have a small laundry room/half bath combo immediately off the mudroom. It’s all very functional space, but my goal with this project was to give it a little flair.

So now for the fun part! Here is what the room looks like now:

WAY better, right?

I started by painting the walls Behr Premium Ultra White (matte finish, same as our dining room) and for the arch, I chose Terra Cotta Clay, also by Behr and also in a matte finish. I think this color combo looks so great against the dark tile floor. I added some varying textures by “shopping” around the rest of my house – the vintage Turkish rug has been featured in a few different rooms now and my snake plant used to live in the dining room… but I like them both much better in this space. I found this fun bench at Marshall’s (similar option here), the mirror is also from Marshall’s, but Target has an identical version that they always carry (and in a few colors – we have the gold one in our bedroom). The throw pillow covers and inserts were recent Amazon finds.

Hands down, the most frustrating part of the entire project was the taping off of the arch. It also doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing – just offering a fair warning that it can take some time and patience to get it right!

All that said, I do have a little trick that helped me achieve an even curve at the top of the arch. I knew I would be hanging this mirror in the middle, so I used it as an “anchoring point.” Once the screw was in place, I tied about a foot of fishing line to it and then measured out how much higher I wanted the arch to begin from that point. Then, I tied the other end of the fishing line to a pencil and, starting on one side, lightly traced the half-moon of the curve above where the mirror would hang. All in all, it took some erasing and adjusting to have the top of the arch flow nicely into the straight lines and down to the floor… but it was definitely better than attempting to free-hand it. If you also wanted to do this project but weren’t planning to hang anything inside the arch, you could just pop a thumbtack in the wall to serve as your anchor for drawing.

Step 1: Painted the walls white and touched up all of the doorframes and baseboards.
Step 2: I used the installation screw for the mirror as an anchor point for drawing the arch. I discovered this trick after watching a handful of YouTube videos.
Step 3: All taped off! Note all of the pencil marks… it definitely took a few tries to get the arch the way I wanted it. The good news is, you can cover all that up with a few coats of paint.
Step 4: I outlined the taped-off edge of the arch with an angled brush, and then filled it in with a mini roller brush. I touched up the outer edges with a small, angled paintbrush. In all, I put 3 coats of paint in the arch because I really wanted the terra cotta to pop! If you try this at home, one quart of paint should be more than enough.

And that’s it! This project was quick, pretty easy and completely transformed the space. All that’s left to do now is hang some floating wood shelves across from this wall, which will house baskets for some extra storage.

What do you think? Would you try something like this? Any fun home improvement/decor projects you’ve knocked out during quarantine? I’d love to hear about them – drop me a line in the comments, or shoot over any questions you have. As always, I thank you for being here!



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