Why I didn’t buy anything new for Valentine’s Day

I’m going to say something that might be unpopular with some of you… I think Valentine’s Day is really silly. Don’t get me wrong, I love any excuse to have a date night with Dan and/or eat excessive amounts of chocolate. But the older I get, the more commercial and superficial the holiday itself seems.

The main factor driving my no-spend decision for Valentine’s Day is simple: Dan and I are both making a conscious effort this year to cut our spending and save some money. We want to renovate our kitchen, which recently got pushed back a little because we had to replace the entire HVAC system in our house (home ownership, man). We also want to travel more, finish paying off my student loans and put away some $$ for a more comfortable future. None of this is to say we won’t be buying ourselves new things this year… we’re just trying really hard to be more thoughtful about where our money is going (more on this topic coming soon).

Which brings me to sharing something I’m really excited about. You’ll be seeing a lot more wardrobe remixes and secondhand style content around here! It’s no secret that I love to shop at thrift stores (y’all know I love Goodwill), vintage clothing shops or antique stores. I’ve been able to find some awesome pieces over the years and work those into my daily looks. Not to mention, secondhand shopping is much kinder to the environment – we should all be working a little bit harder to do our part and protect it. I’ve had so many people express an interest to me in showing them my process of searching for and styling these items, and it’s something I am thrilled to share more of here on the blog. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I did put together some fun date night outfits using items that I already have in my closet, some of which are still shoppable! I shared anything that’s available online via direct links below each image and in the LiketoKnow.It app. These would also be great options for a night out with friends, and I hope they provide you with some inspiration if you need it.

There is one common denominator for each look: this amazing black bodysuit. I needed a good basic layering piece back before the holidays and snagged this one. It has fully lived up to my expectations in terms of fit and quality, and I’ve been able to style it SO many ways.

Date night outfit: snakeskin print midi skirt, bodysuit, black booties, clutch and hoop earrings.
LOOK 1: snakeskin midi skirt | bodysuit | booties | vintage clutch (similar) | acrylic hoops
Date night outfit: distressed jeans, bodysuit, vintage pink coat, clutch and heels.
LOOK 2: Levi’s | bodysuit | LV Pochette | watch
Date night outfit: skirt, bodysuit, blazer, and heels.
LOOK 3: skirt (still available in L – use code ERING35) | leopard blazer | tassel earrings

Regardless of how silly it may be… I genuinely hope y’all have a fun Valentine’s Day, whatever you do! Let me know your thoughts on secondhand shopping and/or any steps you take toward saving money in the comments section. As always, many thanks for reading and following along.


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