Wearing White in Winter

Ah, the age-old debate… whether or not it’s “okay” to wear white during the winter. Personally, I’m of the belief that you can do whatever you want, but there are definitely a few tricks to pulling it off.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Soft white is key. A nice winter white, if you will. My personal preference is to maintain a neutral color palette. So if you’re wearing a white sweater dress, you could layer a camel blazer over top. One of my favorite blogs to reference for neutral, timeless looks is Karina of Karina Style Diaries. She’s a wealth of inspiration!
  2. Keep things interesting with different cuts and textures. The midi skirt I’m wearing was a pre-holiday purchase that I’ve now worn to several different get-togethers, including New Year’s Eve! I love the length, the fabric is a really great quality and the pleating adds a little something girly and twirly. My cropped sweater was also a favorite purchase for the season and such a good closet staple.
  3. Keep your accessories simple. In this case, I opted for some tried and true booties (weather-resistant and on sale) and my favorite gold hoops. The Celine purse was a Christmas gift that I LOVE… and you can never go wrong adding a little leather or suede. Notice how everything falls into that same accent color scheme of camel/brown.

And there you have it. Again, there really are no rules here – these are just a few guidelines I like to follow to create a look that is fun but still appropriate for the season. You do you, boo.

So tell me, are you of the opinion that white is reserved for Easter through Labor Day? Or are you out there living your truth with me? Let me know in the comments and as always, many thanks for reading and following along.



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