DIY Christmas Card Display


I don’t know about y’all, but one of my all-time favorite parts of the holiday season is receiving Christmas cards from our friends and family. It can be hard to keep up with people during the year, so I love seeing fun updates like weddings, babies, etc. on these cards – and the photos are always so cute!

This year, I decided to put on my creative pants and figure out a fun way to display the cards we get that didn’t include plastering them all over the side of our fridge. We also live in an apartment, so I wanted something that wouldn’t be too intrusive (i.e. not taped around a doorway).

We have a few large mirrors placed strategically throughout the space to allow for more light and to make it appear larger (it really works), so I decided to take advantage of those as my “canvas” to display the cards.


For this project, I used some fuzzy pompom garland that I found in the $1 section at Target years ago. Here is another fun and festive alternative that I found on Amazon for under $10! I also used the holy grail of holiday decorating tools – 3M Command Hooks. I love these because they’re small and clear, so they go unnoticed. Whether you’re hanging a wreath, securing lights, or doing your own DIY project, 3M hooks are an absolute MUST because they won’t damage your walls. I swear by them! To hang the cards, I just used some basic clothespins. I also love this vintage version!

I chose to use the large rectangular mirror at our entry. We got it from Ikea several years ago and it has been a great entryway mirror. All I did was adhere 4 command hooks, two to each side of the mirror – just make sure they’re level with each other. Again, they’re clear so you won’t see them once the garland is tied on. Then just decide how much of a “swoop” you want on the garland and trim, though I recommend having it somewhat taught as the cards will add some weight. Pin on your cards as they arrive and BOOM, you have a really precious way to display photos of your friends and loved ones. Depending on how much garland you order, you can continue to add rows if you’re super popular and get lots of cards!

I hope this has inspired you to get creative and try your own DIY project this holiday season! Any go-to projects in your arsenal that I should know about? How do you display Christmas cards that you receive? Let me know in the comments and as always, thanks so much for following along!

Cheers to creativity,




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