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Question – do you pack up all of your white clothing after Labor Day, or are you the rebel who rocks white denim in December? No matter your stance on this age-old “issue”, I’m a firm believer that a bright white smile never goes out of season. But coming from a habitual drinker of coffee and red wine, keeping these pearly whites in check isn’t always easy.

A while back, I shared with y’all that I was starting a new, custom teeth whitening process with Smile Brilliant. They were kind enough to send me one of their kits to try and after a few weeks of whitening, I’m so excited to share the results!

PSA: make sure to read all the way to the end of this post for a fun giveaway with Smile Brilliant. You could win a $149 credit to use toward your own custom whitening kit!


When you order a kit, Smile Brilliant sends you everything you need to create custom-fitted whitening trays. The first step is to mix together a putty and hardening agent that go into a special mold cast. You then gently press your teeth into each cast (top first, then bottom), wait a few minutes for the mold to form, and then allow the hardening agent to work its magic. Voila! Start to finish this process only took me about 30 minutes and then all I had to do was mail them back to Smile Brilliant in a prepaid envelope that they provided. My custom whitening trays were sent back to me within a week. So quick and easy!

The whitening process itself is also incredibly easy. Smile Brilliant recommends whitening every day for one week at 1-3 hours per session. Personally, I’ve experienced some teeth sensitivity in the past so I started out at 40-45 minutes for my first two sessions and then moved up to an hour. Smile Brilliant also provides you with desensitizing gel, should you need it. Surprisingly, I had no sensitivity at all while using this product… which is a huge plus.

My entire whitening process took place over 2 weeks (I typically whitened 3-4 times per week). We were even traveling during this timeframe and taking everything on the road with me was a cinch. Your trays are delivered to you in a handy travel case and one syringe of whitening gel typically works for 3-4 sessions.

Here is my before and after photo:


Having a beautiful smile to share with the world is always a big confidence booster. And after using this product and seeing what it can do, I’m so excited to host a giveaway with Smile Brilliant… Click here to enter for your chance to win a $149 credit to use towards a custom whitening kit with everything you need to start your journey to a brighter, whiter smile. Ready to get started right away? Visit Smile Brilliant and use code bushelnpeckblog15 to get 15% off your order. This giveaway won’t last long so I encourage you to act fast!

I hope you consider giving Smile Brilliant a try. Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to enter the giveaway, and good luck!



{This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. As always, all opinions are my own. Giveaway open to USA, UK, Australian and Canadian residents only. No purchase necessary. Must provide a valid email address to enter.}

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