How to Style Vintage Accessories

Well, friends.. we made it over the hump. The weekend is almost here! I am SO excited because we’re going to our first Clemson home game in over a year on Saturday. Now that we live in Nashville it will be much easier to visit, and we’re both really happy about that.

Today, I wanted to share a few vintage accessories that I recently scored at two of my favorite antique stores – Little Mountain Unlimited in my hometown and 8th Avenue Antique Mall here in Nashville. Not sure what’s going on but lately, I have had some pretty amazing luck! There’s nothing I love more than spending the afternoon perusing antique and thrift stores to find one-of-a-kind items.

A lot of people ask me how I like to style these pieces… so here are a few tidbits that may hopefully provide some outfit inspiration:


First up: a beautiful patterned scarf. I paid a whopping $5 for this Italian beauty. It’s a 16″x16″ square with fringed edges and I love the pop of color it provides to a neutral outfit. There are a million and a half ways to tie a square scarf, but my favorite is the simple neck-tie (shown here) that can be adjusted throughout the day or the classic triangle “necklace” tie. I own a lot of scarves (Dan might even say TOO many) – I just love how easily a bright little accent like this can elevate even your most basic everyday wardrobe pieces. Side note – I’m thinking this one will be on repeat when we go to Paris at Christmas!


I think my key to styling vintage accessories is to seek out items that are unique and versatile. I tend to purchase things that are different from anything else in my closet or jewelry box – accent pieces if you will. Then, pairing them with neutral items like this black dress (this one is from Entourage Clothing) and basic booties (these are old Dolce Vita from Target – sorry!).

I’m a firm believer that a gal can’t have too many gold hoops – so I snagged these little gold disc hoops for a mere $6. I liked the uniqueness of the design, but I also ALWAYS pay attention to the cleanliness of a pair of vintage earrings before I purchase. I have sensitive ears, so any type of discoloration or build-up on the posts is typically a no-go- for me. Luckily these were in like-new condition! They’re also lightweight and the perfect size – great for wearing all year long.

Finally, one of my favorite finds to date is this old brass key ring. Maybe you’ve noticed the recent trend of big “O” keyrings that can be worn as high up as your elbow to free your hands up for carrying things, etc… I love the concept but frankly, I haven’t been able to justify the price tag. So imagine my excitement when I found this little beaut for a mere $3(!!!). It’s in amazing shape (I had my dad review for quality of craftsmanship) and I’m a fan of anything gold so it’s just perfect.

That’s a wrap – for now! There were quite a few other gems I found that I’ll be sharing soon, so stay tuned. I hope this post has inspired you to go seek out some fun secondhand items and incorporate them into your wardrobe. I would love to hear what fun/unique/downright weird things you’ve discovered before. What are your favorite antique, thrift or vintage clothing stores? Let me know in the comments and as always, many thanks for following along!






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