Friday Five: Happy Birthday, Babs!

Happy Friday! This will likely be my most favorite Friday Five post to date/ever because it is dedicated to the birthday of our sweet and sassy little girl. That’s right, Barbara Bush Gabriel is officially ONE!

I thought I could use this opportunity to A. answer some of the many questions that I get asked about Babs on a regular basis and B. share a TON of cute photos of her (because Lord knows I’ve got them).

The day that I picked up sweet Baby Barb. I’m not crying, you’re crying, shut up. 
Dan couldn’t make the trip up to Michigan with me to get her because of work, so our amazing friend Peter met up with me in Chicago and then drove us the rest of the way down… earning him the title of best godfather EVER.

Q: Where did you get Barbara?

A: Babs hails from a lovely little town in Northern Michigan called Lake City. It is – as you might have guessed – on a lake, and about an hour southeast of Traverse City. A lot of people ask us why we chose a breeder so far away, but in reality, we had chosen them while we were still in Chicago and had no clue that we were moving yet. Our breeder’s name is Kacy and the company name is Triple M Corgis. I did a TON of research before we got Babs (shocker, I know), and she was so responsive to my many questions. She also takes great care when breeding her dogs and makes sure that you will receive a happy, healthy, well-tempered pup. Plus, she is just the sweetest and has the most precious little family ever.


Q: Why did you want a Corgi so bad?

A: For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a teeny tiny town in South Carolina called Little Mountain. I can tell you right now that there weren’t too many Corgis running around. There is a large antique mall there and the owner has several rescue Corgis, which is where I first became familiar with the breed and fell in LOVE with a little cutie named Mr. Bean. Ever since then, I’ve wanted one of my own. They’re just the happiest little dogs with a ton of personality, and smart to boot! Babs has far exceeded my expectations of what (finally) owning a Corgi would be like.


Q: What do you feed her?

A: So this has actually been a work in progress… we started out feeding her a dry food by Eagle Pack that was recommended to us by our breeder and is catered to smaller breeds of dogs. Babs really loved it until she was about 6 months old and then for some reason she got super finicky when meal time rolled around. She LOVES carrots as a snack, so I would even try to grate some up and put in her food, but she wouldn’t touch it. We made the switch to Blue Buffalo for small breeds but it upset her stomach… a lot. And now we’re on Nutrish by Rachael Ray (again, for small breeds) and she seems to really like it. And by that I mean she scarfs it down with no trouble and it hasn’t shown any negative impact on her digestion. I also try to look for foods where the main ingredient is chicken or some other form of protein, supplemented by other natural ingredients like healthy carbs and veggies.

For snacks, she prefers baby carrots, blueberries, cantaloupe/watermelon, and the chicken jerky sticks from Trader Joe’s.


Q: Does she shed?

A. Um, yes. A lot. As in, I constantly find little Corgi tumbleweeds blowing through our apartment and hiding under furniture. Also as in, I’m picking fur off my shirt as I type this post. We also knew that this would be our reality before we got her, which brings me to my next point. If you’re even considering getting a Corgi or any other breed that sheds a ton, make sure you’re willing to live with it! Do your homework. Invest in a really good lint roller (we love this one), and even a vacuum geared toward pet owners (I couldn’t function without our Dyson). Also, we have a Furminator brush and Babsy gets a nice little spa treatment 1-2 times a week. The brush is pricey but it is SO worth it.

IMG_8770 5IMG_8817IMG_9523

Q: What’s with the name?

A: I assure you we weren’t planning a political stance or pledging our love for the Presidential Bush’s when we chose her name. In reality, Dan and I both wanted to give our dog a human name because that’s just something that we find hilarious. We knew we were getting a girl pup and one day when I was throwing names around, Barbara came up. I thought it regal enough to befit a Corgi, but also fun enough to abbreviate with Babs. Bush was my maiden name, and admittedly I am a fan of the late great Barbara Bush because she was a total boss. So it just all sort of fell into place and has been so fitting of her personality. Also, it’s pretty amazing to see a grown man reduce to a giggle fit when I tell him her name at the dog park.

Nicknames include: Babs, Barb, Babsy, Barbarian, Baby Boosa, Baby Bear


Alright, I’m going to go ahead and cut myself off before this Friday Five turns into a Friday Fifteen. Long story short, I could go on and on about this precious pup and how rich she has made our lives. The bottom line is, no one will ever love you quite as strongly as your dog, so the least we can do as their owners is attempt to show them just as much love and appreciation as they show us.

I also really enjoy receiving and answering your questions about Barbara – if there are any pressing matters that I haven’t attended to in this post, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Also be sure to go check out her Instagram for more cute pics – handle is @babsthecorgi.




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