bushel + peck is on Facebook!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

I just wanted to take this beautiful first day of summer to make a fun announcement: bushel + peck officially has its own page on Facebook!


I’ll be using the platform in a few different ways:

  • Sharing links to blog and Instagram posts
  • Organizing photos from blog posts (outfits, recipes, travel, gift guides, etc.) into easy-to-access albums
  • Announcing sales/sharing promo codes
  • Hosting a few exciting giveaways!
  • Sharing some of my favorite brands and online content with you

Instagram will still be my primary sharing platform, but I think this page will also be a great opportunity for me to connect with all of you more directly. Feel free to comment with ideas for post content, ask me questions, you name it – let’s get social.

So… if you feel so inclined, please go “Like” bushel + peck and feel free to share the page with friends too. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate all of the support, compliments, and well-wishes I’ve received since starting this humble little blog in the spring. Many thanks for following along!



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