Sensible Style: Fusing Old with New

As you were probably already aware, my employment situation has been a little different in the last year. I quit my full-time gig when we left Chicago and didn’t pursue another in Houston because we knew we would only be there for a short period of time. Instead, I worked part-time at an amazing party shop in Rice Village called Emerson Sloan (if you’re ever in town you need to stop by!), and I also began doing some freelance marketing work.

Needless to say, my spending habits have changed a bit. We went from having two full-time salaries that allowed us to live very comfortably in a big city, to us basically living on Dan’s salary alone. I’m not complaining and I certainly don’t want to paint the picture that we’ve had to sacrifice much in the last year – we’ve been very fortunate! I have also never been great at managing my own money and if we’re being honest, I was in need of a reality check in terms of budgeting.

That’s not to say that I don’t still buy new clothes from time to time – I definitely do! But your girl has always loved a good sale and I now find myself being much more thoughtful (read: rational) about my purchases. I have also really enjoyed the challenge of taking “old” pieces from my closet and configuring them into multiple outfits for all sorts of occasions.

Take this outfit for example…


I wore this little ensemble to an event hosted by the Nashville Blogging Collective last week. The pleated skirt comes in two colors – it and the white slides are recent purchases from Target. The crochet top and the bamboo clutch are oldies from H&M (similar options herehere and here), and my earrings are from a random shop in Greenville, SC (similar option). I have to say that I love how this outfit came together, and I received a lot compliments when I wore it. Bonus points: I’m already envisioning a few cute outfits for the fall involving this skirt!


So the next time you think, “Man, I have nothing to wear,” I encourage you to go peruse your closet and see what combinations you can make with your older and newer pieces. Get creative – you might just love what you put together!

I’d love to hear how you guys go about piecing together your day-to-day outfits. Are you the type to love ’em then leave ’em for something new? Or are you still rockin’ that cute dress from 5 years ago? Let me know in the comments below!



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