Friday Five: Nashville Murals

Happy Friday, friends! Did anyone else think yesterday was Friday? Or that Wednesday was Tuesday? I ALWAYS get thrown off after a holiday that falls on a weekday, but I never complain about a short week! My dear friend Lacey came into town last weekend and we had the best time exploring Nashville with her. We enjoyed an amazing brunch at The Mockingbird, as well as a true Broadway experience (spent an afternoon in the famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, duh). Other activities included a pool day and taking in some local public art.

Today’s Friday Five is inspired by the fun we had visiting just a few of the amazing murals that Nashville has to offer. Seriously, I realize I’m not even scratching the surface here, so I’m thinking this might actually become a blog serries as I explore the city a little more!

Keep scrolling to learn more about our adventure (and our friendship!)…


I Believe in Nashville – 12 South

Ahh, the quintessential Nashville mural. Chances are, even if you haven’t visited the city you’ve seen some of your friends posing in this very same spot on Instagram. Bonus points if they were here for a bachelorette! There are two versions of this mural – the one you see here is the original in the 12 South neighborhood (next door to Draper James). The artist, Adrien Saporiti, also painted a rendition at his DCXV studio in Marathon Village and another Nashville Predators version at Bridgestone Arena.

Lacey is an insanely talented artist and has a successful side business called Hennessey in the Home that you need to go check out like, yesterday. You should also follow along with her many travel adventures on Instagram (@lacey_does) – as soon as I heard she was coming to visit, I knew her signature jumping photo needed to be done in front of this mural!



Nathan Brown Mural – The Gulch

Artists Nathan Brown and Chris Zidek are the brains behind this colorful prismatic mural in The Gulch, right across from Barista Parlor. You may actually recognize the second photo from one of my first-ever posts written once we moved to Nashville. While walking around the Gulch one afternoon, I came across it and fell in love with all of the colors. It’s a massive piece of art, and is an installation of the Nashville Walls Project, which I highly recommend as a resource if you’re looking to check out some local murals in Nashville!




Jason Woodside Mural – The Gulch

The Jason Woodside Mural is one of my personal favorites. It is also a massive installation, taking over the full backside of a building in the Gulch. There are actually quite a few iconic murals in this area, so Lacey and I were able to make one quick stop and got a ton of great photos!

Fun fact… in just 3 years’ time, Dan and I have lived in Chicago, Houston and now Nashville. Lacey has visited us in every. single. city. we’ve lived in and I absolutely love exploring our new “home” with her whenever she comes to visit!


Ian Ross Mural – The Gulch

Another favorite! The Ian Ross Mural is right next door to the Jason Woodside Mural above. I love all of the vibrant greens and jungle vibes. I also love Ian’s other works… it’s all so whimsical and fun. Can’t even with this room. Also can’t even with Lacey’s Jack and the Bean Stalk pose… haha!



Draper James Wall – 12 South

Finally, we snapped a few shots in front of the Draper James Wall – arguably one of the most Instagrammable murals in Nashville. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Reese Witherspoon opened an adorable shop called Draper James a few years ago and the flagship store is in the 12 South neighborhood. If you’re ever here, make sure to stop by – even if just for the experience. I mean they greet you with a sweet tea for goodness sake. Also, this wall is conveniently located about 50 feet away from the I Believe in Nashville mural – two birds, one stone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-guide to Nashville murals. Again, I know I’m not even scratching the surface – the amount of art all over the city is astounding – but I fully plan to share more with you in the future so stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite public art installations? Is there a favorite mural you’ve visited before – in Nashville or elsewhere? I’d love to hear about it – let me know in the comments below. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



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